Udaipur To Lodurva Jain Temple

Udaipur To Lodurva Jain Temple

While you are at Jaisalmer, the ‘Swarna-nagari’ (Golden city) of India, take time to visit Lodurva. It has a history older than Jaisalmer, a sad one though. Lodurva was the ancient capital of Bhatti – a Rajput clan. It is situated 16 km north-west of Jaisalmer city.
The town of Lodurva was ransacked several times by Muslim invaders Mahmud of Ghazni in the 11th century when he was en route to Somnath, Gujarat, and then by Muhammad Ghor in the next century. After Ghori’s invasion Rawal Jaisal abandoned Lodurva, and he shifted his capital to Jaisalmer in 1156.

The structure appears to be very recent but there are signs of old stone pieces being used as you can see signs of vandalism on the anthropomorphic figurines. It is a typical eight corners temple architecture. But gives an impression of being a pagoda style because of its slanting walls. In an amalgamated style, the walls carry the intricate Jali or latticework in stone while the Shikhara or the superstructure is a typical Nagar style. There is one Shikhara that has a tiered structure.

At the entrance, there is a beautiful Toran and the temple looked through this looks as if it has been garlanded. Surrounded by a tall boundary wall, temple beauty unravels only when you enter the temple. From a distance, it looks like just another temple in yellow stone.

A splendid and dominating arch greets at the main temple entrance which is typical of the Dilwara style of temple architecture. Lodurva happens to be the ancient capital of the Bhatti Rajputs and which once was a flourishing city filled with splendor until they moved the capital to Jaisalmer.

Interesting Legends inside Lodurva Temple

There are 2 interesting legends related to the temple. The guide who took us around the temple told these stories to us.

One is that a snake resides inside the holes/crevices of walls of the temple. The snake is worshiped by the locals. They offer it a bowl of milk in the evenings and by morning the bowl is empty. We saw the bowl placed there and a donation box for money.

Other one is about a celestial tree! Parshwanath temple complex houses the Kalpavriksha or the celestial tree that once grew there. After the tree died it was substituted by a true to life sculpture in an alloy of eight metals. Thus making it an ‘eternal tree’ symbolizing enlightenment. The copper leaves are believed to have the power to fulfill the wishes of any devotee.

Visitor Information

Lodurva Jain Temple Location : Lodurva Jain temples are just 8 km away from Jaisalmer Railway Station, about 10 km from Jaisalmer airport. It is well connected by road to Jaisalmer. Tourists can easily find a private taxi, cab, auto-rickshaw buses to reach the destination.

Lodurva Jain Temple Timings: Tourists can visit the temple any time from dawn to dusk (6am to 6pm).